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Winemaker Musings | "Come With Me to the Sea, Be My Love"


The first time I saw Nancy, I wanted to ask her to come with me and be my love.

"Come with me to the sea, be my love"

Kelvin waves are warm bumps in the Pacific Ocean. They form around Indonesia and travel east toward the Americas.

I am asking you to surf across the Pacific with me. We should not be discouraged by the difficulty. The Pacific ocean is only a bath tub where the water at one end is cold and the water at the other end is warm.

The cold water sinks raising the warm. This is due to short term perturbations in weather much shorter than the time we have not known each other. The mathematics is simple; the peculiar property of the Kelvin wave is that the velocity perpendicular to the oceans bottom is zero (identically nothing) everywhere. The difference in our temperatures can rise thermodynamically even if there is noticeable difference. As mysterious as this seems the wave only lifts the water without moving each molecule forward, but there is a slope on the surface. If you look at the next molecule and the next, our (yours and mine) surf boards move because we move down that slope.

Our boards are connected at an angle that at once defies gravity, perhaps as our hearts, yet uses the friction of a small angle that are the differences between our hearts and boards to climb back up the wave that has only moved up not forward.

I know this seems complicated, but not nearly as complicated as what separates us now.

So on so on

Right Now I must face the day without you.

Nancy got on her surfboard. We traveled together for most of the pacific. Nancy did not get to Mexico, but we will always be my love.

Nancy Clifton