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Winemaker Musings | Heckles Last Egg


I had a chicken named Heckel.
I first noticed her because the fact she was the only chicken to learn to use the cat door, and that she would sing while she was trying to lay her eggs:
"Oh Oh laying an egg is Oh Oh so hard Oh."

Sometimes I would find her singing as she ate cat food. Heckle is gone now...


Some where lies Heckle, she was an alto in life
From her misery and excellence, sprang the saddest and most expressive song ever sung.

Oh Woe Oh Woe, it's so oh so hard to lay an egg!
Oh Woe Oh Woe, Make what you are, sing loud
Until you lay your own encapsulated DNA

Oh Woe Oh Woe, it's so oh so hard to lay an egg!
Oh Woe oh woe its so hard to make what you are!

Maybe she will show up again, but I left the door open so she could go straight to the cat food and she hasn't been seen.
But she left an egg. The biggest egg from a chicken I have ever seen.

When I left the other day there was a huge Golden eagle sitting low in a tree. Nothing CAN fly like a Golden eagle I was glad to see it.

I thought it was the quail it was after, and that a chicken was more than a golden eagle could handle.

The face of death can be so quick and graceful.

Heckles last large chicken egg