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Winemaker Musings | Dorlan Drader Died Yesterday


Doing chemo fine one day dead the next, Dorlan once owned a hardware store and A diesel shop.

His love, Diana, was not his Bride. Diana waited tables at Cora's restaurant. The whole town knew of Dorlan's love and it's first almost consummation. Dorlan's heart exploded with excitement in her bed. Diana called the volunteer fire department which provides only aid. Not confidentiality.

The whole town heard the siren and the story. Dolan's wife forgave him once, for the children's sake.

Even Diana could not forgive the second heart attack, the second time they tried to make love. The whole town was not laughing at just Dorlan. But also laughing at Diana it was just too much drama and too much laughter for how much she felt.

In the divorce Dorlan lost not only the diesel shop and the hardware store, but also he lost Diana. Losing Diana Was the worst. But most every day Diana served Dorlan his coffee at Cora's restaurant.

That was just enough and lasted longer than most loves.