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Winemaker Musings | Jose Had a Drinking Problem


I had a worker who was drinking himself to death. I went out into the vineyard to find him. I told him, "Jose, if you drink in the sun like this, you will die here in the vineyard." He replied, "That's what I want." I was taken aback, it seemed like it was what I also wanted eventually.

I left the vineyard.

Going back to the house, I detoured to the liquor store. I bought two half gallons of cheap Vodka. When Jose came up from the vineyard, I gave him the Vodka saying, "You are drinking yourself to death, I have seen it before, let's get it over with." "Thank you" Jose said.

The next day Jose's brother told me that Jose had said he needs to stop drinking because Mikey was trying to kill him.

Jose picking Cabernet grapes