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Wine Fauve's vineyard has only an acre of Riesling. That acre was planted in 1971. We pick Riesling very last of all the grapes because Riesling has a very thick sin and high acid. High acid is the key to making Sweet Wine, and making sweet Riesling has been our style for some time. We make two sweetness levels of the 2010; a standard 10% sugar (quite sweet) bottled in non traditional 500ml bottles (exactly 2 full glasses no more). And in 2010 we also made a spatlese, in a traditional brown hoch, 5% sugar that is easy to drink without being cloying.


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We encourage everyone to sample our unique wines for themselves. As self-distributors we sell wines at wholesale prices. We can also be found at numerous wine events and festivals. Why not step over, say hello, and drink some wine with us? Wine Fauve has something for everyone.

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