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Mazure Blend Label

Mazure Blend

Chateau Mazure blend is an old French blend that delighted the winemaker and will delight the imbiber with its uniqueness. This is a blended red table wine that includes Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Marechal Foch. With a velvety mouth feel and very little tannic pull to dry out your mouth, Wine Fauve recommends Duck a l'Orange or a strongly seasoned small fowl as dinner with this wine.


Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir Blend Label

Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris Blend

Winemaker's notes coming soon.


American Amerone Label

American Amerone

This wine is made appassimento, the same method used in Venice to make Amerone and is produced only in exceptional vintages. Amerone is rich in color, aroma and flavor, and Port-like in its density and alcohol. The wine is as in venito produced from three different grape varieties. Pinot Noir from old vines raisined (passito) by the hot weather, and botrytis in the 2004 harvest, 18% of the wine is Cabernet and 27% of the wine is Marechal Foch. Amerone is one of the new botrycised red wines. Aging since 2004 has made the wine rich and smooth.


Touriga and Pinot Noir Label

Touriga and Pinot Noir Blend

The dark blue winged Chemchok Heruka with three faces, six arms, and four legs embraces his bright blue consort in sexual union. The blue consort is Varja. Below is a graphic representation of what happens when you blend or drink Toriga National with Pinot Noir:

Touriga and Pinot Noir Blend

Wine Fauve's Mikey Jones made the first commercial Port in Oregon. For many years when drinking vintage Port from Portugal, he found a specific flavor that his Cabernet Port did not have. He found that particular flavor in wines made with Toriga National. Thereafter Mikey bought and planted Toriga National grapes. The flavor profile of Toriga is similar to Cream Soda and is not at all like the flavor profile of Pinot Noir. So Mikey Jones blended the two (yes, the Earth moved). 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Toriga, and Wine Fauve has made and sold 3 from different years. The vintage characteristics of both make each year's blend vintage quite different. 2010 is the current vintage. The public's antipathy toward red blends makes this special wine, often better than Pinot and a great buy. At $9.50 per bottle, Wine Fauve loses money for the sacred Pinot Noir into a mixed marriage.


Odalisque Label


This wine was premeditated as an orgy of the pure flavors of the grape with a richness created by concentrating flavors with an Italian process known as "pasito." It contains three varieties: Grenache, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, equal parts by volume. The Grenache, from Washington, was dried to concentrate its richness. During fermentation Chardonnay was added for a subtle, muscular firmness, and Pinot Noir was added to the fermentation to round out the "pasito." The Chardonnay and Pinot are from Wine Fauve's own vineyards in the Amity Hills of Oregon. The wine is somewhat sweet, or "recioto," the alcohol is 19% due to the dried Grenache. Odalisque is not a wine style - it is a lifestyle.


Sambuco Label


It is against the law for us to tell you the truth about this wine, or even speak its name. Sambuco Racemosa is Italian and Latin for Red Elder blossoms. We must not tell you that this wine is flavored with powerful antioxidants, considered to assist good health. This is a sweet white made from Pinot Gris infused with Red Elder Berry Blossoms and Anise, Pimpinella Anisum seeds. Have this wine your way; if Port is a wine for wretched excess, this wine is for wretched sublimity. It is not for tasting groups, it is a wine for personal enjoyment and of course to accompany snake charming on the moonlit nights. We are told that people who go to the Italian Riviera on weekends from Venice, mix this Sambuco half and half with Ginger Ale and ice. They call it a spritz, pronounced "spreets". Sambuco is 12% alcohol so the drink is 6%. Clearing your head for driving away from paparazzi. Millie says Sambuco is at its best in Ice tea.


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