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Pinot Noir Label

Pinot Noir

2012 Pinot Noir from our estate Eola Hills decades-old vines. Pinot Noir is described as a velvet hammer as opposed to a sledge hammer. 2012 is the velvetiest of all hammers. Very dark and powerful, this wine was kept in French heavy toast barrels for 2 years. The wine has a very good nose with a complete mouth feel and long finish.


Petite Sirah Label

Petite Sirah

This wine was made in Oregon using grapes from south of the border - the Oregon border. The grapes are from Silvaspoons Vineyard in Sacramento County. We at Wine Fauve consider California America's Midi. We thought we could make a Petite Sirah with structure and nuanced fruit, even with grapes from California.


Marechal Foch Label

Marechal Foch

This wine was made of grapes from Meadow Orgario Vineyard in Halsey, Oregon, one of Oregon's oldest vineyards, planted by Archia Meadows in 1970. They grow only one grape, Marechal Foch, the American superhero of grapes; richer, darker and sweeter than any other grape. Darker than Cabernet and richer than Petite Sirah, Marechal Foch is never better than when grown at Meadows Orgario Vineyard. At Wine Fauve, we create each wine like a fine painting and believe that "Fine Living is an Art."


Touriga Label


Touriga is a delicious variety of red grape, considered by many to be Portugal's finest. Despite the low yields from its small grapes, it plays a big part in the blends used for ports, and is increasingly being used for table wine in various parts of the world. Touriga is often with high tannins and concentrated flavors of black fruit, and Wine Fauve's Touriga is a huge hit with red wine drinkers.


Cabernet Label


2012 Cabernet from our Amity Estate vineyards: The vines for this wine were planted in 1971, before people who never tried to grow Cabernet in Oregon decided it couldn't be done. The first vines of Oregon Cabernet were planted in the Eola Hills, and ripen every year to make elegant Pomerol-style wines. 2012 was clearly a fantastic year for Oregon Cabernet. This wine was kept two years in French heavy toast oak barrels.


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